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Three Domes Small Oxidized Copper Pooja Mandir L 24" x W 12"

Three Domes Small Oxidized Copper Pooja Mandir L 24" x W 12"
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Product ID: OC122437
Product Name: Three Domes Small Oxidized Copper Pooja Mandir L 24" x W 12"

Product Id: OC122437

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  • Pooja Mandir is made up of premium quality plywood which is season proof and termite proof.
  • Ghar mandir uses oxidized aluminum and copper. Oxidized Copper is given a complete lacquered finish which prevents blackening.
  • German silver nails used in puja mandir are tarnish proof and rust proof.
  • Lacquered finish given to the home temple preserve the sheen and glossiness of the ghar mandir.
  • Base size[IN INCHES]: 12” B X 24” L X37”H, [IN CMS]: 31 B X 61 L X 94 H
  • Floor space occupied: 13” B X 26” LX 37” H
  • Gross weight: IN KGS 21.000 and IN LBS 46.000
  1. Ghar mandhir has been defined on the borders by copper lining. Copper is considered an auspicious metal in Hindu religion.
  2. Puja Mandir has three pyramidal domes on the top.
    • The middle dome of home mandir is the bigger than the two adjacent ones.
    • Domes on the mandir design have a small kalash erected on the peaks or shikhara.
    • Middle, largest dome of the Ghar temple has a motif of surya or sun, on the lower side which is symbolic of victory, power and radiance.
    • Domes of the home temple are surrounded by an embellished boundary.
  3. Puja temple’s frontage portion reveals two lavishly decorated pillars with curved and adorned arch in between.
    • Home mandir arches are made up of season proof and termite proof wood.
    • A motif of Lord Ganesha, the God of knowledge and wealth is embedded in the middle of the arch of home temple.
  4. Two small bells hang below the arches of the home temple. Bells are said to produce positive vibrations when they chime.
  5. Doors of the pooja mandapam project a pentagonal shape with copper plating above them.
    • Doors have small bars on the upper side and motif of Lord Ganesh on the left and Lord Hanuman on the right side.
    • Small bars on the door facilitate darshan of Gods all the time.
    • Motifs of the Lords signify protection, knowledge and wealth.
    • Doors of the pooja temple open with two door handles to reveal the space inside where the idols of the deities are kept.
  6. Inner floor dimensions of pooja mandir where idols of deities are placed are: 20” Length x 7” Depth.
  7. The altitude of vision of the ghar mandir is 13” L x12.5” H from base till the center of arch, which allows eye contact with the Gods when sitting- click here to get an idea of the dimensions through the photos.
  8. Mandir design has three drawers to facilitate storing of the pooja accessories.
    • The biggest drawer of ghar mandir is on the lower side and is designed in the form of steps.
    • Drawer of puja mandir has a beautiful stainless steel knob to facilitate opening and closing.
    • Other two drawers on the lower side of the pooja temple further enhances the inside space.
    • Each drawer of mandir design has a motif depicting an elephant showering water on a blooming lotus.
  9. A retractable Prasad plate, 9” in length and 8” in breadth, is present above the biggest step drawer of the pooja temple.
    • It facilitates keeping the pooja items.
    • Incense stick holder can be kept on it
    • Holy books and Prasad thali can also be put on it conveniently.
  10. Lacquered finish given to the puja temple protects its sheen and keeps it looking new for a longer period.
  11. The left and the right panels of the mandir design illustrate the images of deities, starting from top to bottom is:
    • Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity,
    • Lord Krishna, the God of supreme knowledge and
    • Durga, the deity oozing power and strength.
  12. Panel on the lower periphery of the home temple portrays dandiya–ras a popular dance form of Gujarat state in India.
  13. Home temple has been plated with aluminum sheets for retaining the shine and strength.
  14. Pooja Mandir can be easily dismantled and assembled. Screw used for assembling is Philip’s screw.
  15. Legs of the home temple are made up of season proof and termite proof plywood to provide extra strength and stability.
  1. Oxidized temple is mainly designed for personal puja at home in Hindu religion.
  2. home temple can be gifted in wedding ceremonies, festivals like Navratri, Diwali or housewarming party [Gruh pravesh] and even during a special pooja.
  3. metal temple can be a beautiful showpiece to keep as a memento for Indian culture.
  4. pooja mandapam can also be used in traditional theme parties for decoration.
  5. Ghar mandir is ideal for small offices and small homes as a personal pooja area due to its light weight and less space covered by it.

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